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Bleu Comme Gris Paris Customized Retail Fabrication


Equip your store with customized furniture solutions to convey the brand's new concept

Opened two stores in 2019, Bleu Comme Gris is a luxury children's clothing brand from France. SamTop made them the stylish and luxurious metal shelves, metal tables with marble, window showcase, wooden cabinets, customized light system... MORE

  • The metal products in the project include display shelves, door handles, table legs, and hollow carved screens placed in the window. There were high requirements for metal processing, such as, cutting and welding, mirror polishing, and finally electroplated French gold surface effect.

  • Three-dimensional ceiling light with dragonfly logos was made by stainless steel. Treatment: sanding, electrostatic painting and circuit installation

  • We cut and paint the wooden boards of the wooden cabinet, install metal edge bars, metal legs and handles, and finally install spotlights.

  • Distribution to the stores Paris with safety packing

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