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Point of Sales for the Counter Tester


Counter Merchandising Tester Display

The purpose of the counter display is to introduce a new permanent display series worldwide, testing and emphasizing all products in a way that emphasizes the brand's beauty and innovation. The golden booth echoes the product, and the arc shape highlights the luxury of cosmetic POP displays

  • Use the customized color acrylic as the glass.

  • 3d Model and  render as request.

  • Verify the measurement, confirm the color sheet in gondola material, and finally process it into high gloss finishing.

  • The backlight LED of the sample was tested for light leakage and light distribution, the LED light with the certification

  • LOGO in laser cutting with the High Lighting inside

  • The bonding edge is cut at 45 degree, and the visual effect of the connecting part looks seamlessly bonded.

  • Optimize the display structure size for quick assembly

  • Distribution to the stores global with safety packing

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