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Smart Eyewear/Glasses Display


Glorifier display for a smart glassed sell on youtube

Smart glasses have been spread quickly on YouTube, this acrylic display help and flash the glasses display, and good for offline store to introduce to their customers.

  • Use the customized color acrylic as the glasses.

  • 3d Model and  render

  • Verify the measurement, confirm the color sheet in gondola material, and finally process it into high gloss paint finish.

  • The backlight LED of the sample was tested for light leakage and light distribution, the LED light with the certification

  • LOGO in laser cutting with the Lighting inside

  • The bonding edge is cut at 45 degrees, and the visual effect of the connecting part looks seamlessly bonded.

  • Optimize the display structure size for quick assembly

  • Distribution to the stores global with safety packing

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