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Interactive  Wireless Speaker Displays


Acrylic POS Counter Display with Media Play System

With an interactive POP display, you allow the consumer to move from a place of curiosity, to a place of need. It opens their eyes to the depth of the product and allows them to personally experience the product before they even have to purchase it. Small obstacles can deter the consumer away from your product. Lack of product education, lack of trust, confusion on how to use product ‐ these are all obstacles you can avoid with an interactive POP display.

When an individual approaches the enticing display, it immediately starts selling. Consumers can get to know the in’s and out’s of the product with educational images and product descriptions.

With a media player on the interactive display, the consumer is able to engage with the product on a higher level with a video. There are many choices you have for video types. Consumers can watch:

  • an instructional video on how to use the product

  • a testimonial video of an actual consumer experience

  • a promotional sales video

  • an animation for younger audiences

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