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JBL Interactive POP Displays


Wireless speaker counter display with play system

An interactive POP display is the essential element you need to stand out in the retail environment. With an enticing layout, an interactive POP display allows your product to not just be noticed, but explored. When the consumer is able to interact with the product, they begin to understand your brand at a higher level.

Our factory is one of the core suppliers of JBL speaker display. JBL's interactive display proposes a modular three-piece display, which can sell different types of products together or separately

  • OEM the interactive features associated with media display

  • 3d Model and  render

  • CNC / laser cut the high clear acrylic material with painting

  • The entire display system consists of acrylic panels. LED lights backlight the posters.

  • Distribution to the stores global with safety packing

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