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4 tips acrylic daily maintenance skills

Because of its lightweight, well transmittance, hard texture, in the commodity display can highlight the beauty of the products, and thus widely used. If acrylic is properly maintained, it can be used for a long time. Here are some effective tips for acrylic daily maintenance.

1. Away from heat and long-term sun exposure

The melting point of acrylic is between 230-260 degrees. It will have a slight deformation when the temperature is between 80-95 degrees. It can be hotly deformed when it reaches 96 degrees Celsius when processing. In order to extend the service life of acrylic products, do not put hot things directly on the acrylic surface, such as iron curler hot kettle and so on, acrylic will deform when heated. In addition, acrylic after a long period of sunlight will also make acrylic aging yellowing and even cracks.

2. Avoid sharp things across the surface

Although acrylic hardness is comparable to aluminum, there will still be irreversible scratches when sharp hard objects cut across the surface of the acrylic. Sharp metal, abrasive detergents, etc., will damage the acrylic surface. In the daily cleaning of acrylic, should first brush dust and other garbage. Then wipe with clean water wet cloth, do not wipe directly with a dry rag. When dirt is difficult to clean with clean water, it should use a neutral detergent wipe.

3. Stay away from chemicals

Acrylic is a chemical polymer, similar to glass in appearance, but not as resistant to corrosion as glass. It can be eroded by concentrated organic solvents like solvents containing ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and aromatics.

4. To prevent a fall

The acrylic display frame is usually bonded with glue, and the bearing capacity is different tolerances in all directions. When the acrylic display frame falls from a height, it is possible to cause to crack. Therefore, when using the rack to store the product, it should be placed in a horizontal position. In addition, the acrylic frame should be packed properly during transportation, and the paper film on the acrylic board should be kept as intact as possible during transportation to prevent scratches.

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Pictures originated from GINZA chocolate shop

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