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5 points to create an excellent retail environment

Every time I am driving through the old town always see collapsed shops with ramshackle signboards. Through the dusty glass, I can see the old yellowing models from the last century. The shops are gone out of fashion color match, and a lot of bulky wooden shelves. This cannot blame the sluggish economy or bad times, and there are a lot of artistic boutiques in the old town. Why these boutiques still full of energy but some hapless shops close down?

Samtop POP display deals with excellent design companies for a long time, as well as have many years of experience in factory manufacture. We can offer five basic but practical suggestions to help you to create an excellent retail environment.

1. Clean and tidy in-store space

(1) Clean and tidy is the most basic requirement of a store. Chaos can lead people to a restlessness state. But if the goods in the store neatly arrange according to variety, color, and size, it will bring the consumer with a great deal of comfort. It is the base accusation of the salesperson to keep tidy the products in the store.

(2) The labels and the sign should be correct and obvious, the instructions should be clear and easy to understand. A wrong label or direction indication will leave a bad impression on the customer.

(3) The layout of the shop should be reasonable, the size of the aisle should be appropriate, and the obstacles leading to the cashier’s aisle should remove. Reasonable product sub-regional placement can place by season, function, or applicable to the population and so on. Specific store layouts can found in another of our articles: 10 Retail Store Layouts.

2. Lighting in the store

Yannyane, chief executive of hierarchical lighting Debelle de Montby Associates, says emotion accounts for a large proportion of retail store lighting design. If the lighting is not beautiful, then your designs are useless. Lighting helps to create an excellent retail environment, can express the emotional setting off the atmosphere, arouse consumers’ desire to buy. The lighting in the retail store is generally divided into three types.

(1) Basic light: in the functional area, a wide range of uniform lighting belongs to the basic lighting. Basic light can illuminate every corner of the store. The recommended value of illumination in the general store business hall is 300LX.300LX is suitable for reading, working and giving people a sense of comfort and relaxation.

(2) Key light: the illumination of the key light is 2-3 times higher than that of the basic light. Emphasizing the important existence in the space so that people’s eyes can focus on the products emphasized by the highlight. In the retail environment, the key light mainly is used in products, windows, as well as store signs to effectively attract people’s attention.

(3) Atmosphere light: this kind of lighting is becoming more and more popular, and some stores even replace the basic lighting with atmosphere light. Atmosphere light can create an atmosphere consistent with the style of the goods. It has different gradations and colors, which create a variety of styles, yellow and orange are full of vitality, red symbolizes passion and temptation, purple shows nobility, blue and green represent serenity.

How to use atmosphere lighting also needs to cater to the decoration style of the store and the products sold. In order to create good lighting in retail stores, to reconcile various factors, a general principle of lighting design is high illumination with high color temperature, low illumination with low color temperature. Specific how to use lighting, to refer to the store’s theme, positioning, and product categories to design the appropriate lighting.

3. Experiential retail consumption

Experiential retail consumption has the characteristics of high entertainment and customer aggregation. Experiential retail is the biggest difference between brick-and-mortar retail stores and online shopping malls. It is also one of the important factors that online stores cannot replace brick-and-mortar stores.

Product trials can effectively eliminate the hesitation of consumers. They feel the effect of the product in the process of experience will naturally produce consumer impulses. Good interaction can also form good consumer word-of-mouth marketing. Now experiential retail has become an important means to improve sales in technology electronic products, cosmetics, and clothing retail stores.

4. The coordination of aesthetics and color

Retail stores in the layout of store design should take aesthetics into account. Color collocation is also very important, which can express feelings and create an atmosphere. When considering the collocation of colors. Consider complementary colors (such as blue and orange) or similar colors that bring a sense of hierarchy (such as red and orange).

A beautiful retail environment can give consumers aesthetic experience, resonate with consumers emotionally and spiritually, arouse consumers’ desire to buy, and thus dominate consumers’ behavior.

The best example is Apple’s retail store, where the synergy between products and the bright and concise environment guides consumers’ intentions.

5. Keep pace with the times

In any case, the store should maintain the spirit of keeping pace with the times. The big reason for the collapse of the store mentioned above is that it has not kept pace with the times. Technology is developing in a progressive culture, whether it is products, sales systems, or store layout and decoration shelves should update in a timely manner.

Keeping pace with the times is a continuous way to create an excellent retail environment that attracts customers, also the way to responsible for the customer’s consumption experience.The most effective way is to care about fresh retail news and constantly accommodate new information.

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