9 tips for holiday window display decoration

Updated: Jan 18

The economy of Christmas is significant because Christmas is usually the peak sales period for retailers in many countries around the world. In the United States, it has been calculated that a quarter of all personal spending takes place during the Christmas/holiday shopping season, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In such an important and lucrative season, The Christmas window display can help you attract more people to your store with the most amazing lighting effects and amazing creativity.

Here, we offer you some creative decoration ideas for your own festive window displays:

1.Unifying and appropriate themes

It is important to have a consistent tone, even if each individual element is unique and perfect, but the style is not on the same level, then it will be a disaster to pile the incongruities together. When setting up a holiday window, the first thing on your list is to identify the theme you want, and the best theme for your display is one that relates to your products or services.

Choose the right theme to align the window layout with your own brand and bring the feeling of displacement to the customer, based on the brand concept you want to convey to the customer: Fun, elegant, casual, mysterious...

2. Having Focus

A good story has a breakthrough point, a song has a wonderful chorus, a painting has the finishing touch. After having a unified tone, our window must also have a focus, the most prominent and attractive focus: often your best-selling product, or a Christmas Elf, just try to make it as elaborate and fancy as possible.

The other elements will not be able to contrast with the focus so that the customer knows what you are trying to say. And everybody passing by your window is invited to get involved and spread the spirit of Christmas by showing your focal spot.

3. Narrative ornamentation

Drawing on fairytales and well-known stories is a tried and tested route, but every year brings with it the desire to come up with something fresh. Large shopping centers often take some of the iconic elements and symbolism of fairy tales or bible stories for window display design. This will bring great interest to the window display. The more traditional sights rooted in the Nativity and fairytales the more add glitz and glamour to the display.

"The tree of Liberty" Liberty London 2019 | Pictures: studioxag.com

4. Bold, shiny, eye-catching elements

The magnificent gold and silver color let the human try, again and again, the metal color may use on any props adds the joyful Christmas atmosphere. Gold and silver Christmas balls, wreaths, Christmas trees, models, nutcrackers, candlesticks, trays, anything can be turned into a bar of shiny gold. With bold imagery, colors, and value-led, these lottery themes catch the eyes.

The use of neon and faux neon has been on the rise,layers of neon and charming illuminations make their way into the story. In fact, neon is an indispensable part of the nightlife, neon tube into the shape of Christmas elements to bring a fashionable Christmas.

"Believe in the Wonder" Macy's 2019 | Pictures: c2c.macysinc.com

5. A Christmas tree without leaves

The idea is timeless, the tree allows stores to share the Christmas atmosphere with customers, and everyone deserves a tree of their own. It's probably the easiest way for a store to create a leafless tree out of its own product. Use Your strong hands-on ability to build the most creative Christmas tree with some creative decoration ideas for your own festive window displays

"Christmas tree without leave" | Pictures: Google Image

6. Giant Christmas props

The bigger, the better, hyperbole is always a good way to get attention, and making props of unusual size often takes people into strange dimensions. Your customers are drawn to whimsical Christmas decoration in a larger than life way. Giant Christmas balls, gift boxes, and brightly colored giant toys take them back to their childhood happy moments or to a more magical world fantasy.

"Brilliant Holiday" Bergdorf Goodman 2015 | Pictures: architecturaldigest.com

"Bergdorf Goodtimes" Bergdorf Goodman 2019 | Pictures: vogue.com

7. Innovative elements of ice and snow

Snow and ice are a constant element of Christmas and are used every year, so we need innovative snow and ice props, a cool ice cube stand, snow in a giant glass ball with the product, or another gorgeous display that is fantastically layered.

Use your imagination to create unused ideas, dress up your giant Christmas props with various snow effects, such as snow-scatter flakes, iridescent shimmer throw snow, and snow blankets, or opt for a snow machine for the “real” thing-- powdered snow on the floor is dazzling.

"White winter wonderland" JOSEPH FASHION 2014 | Pictures: thebwd.com

8. Hang up decorations/merchandise

Hanging decorations or merchandise often make clever use of the space in the window. Small parachutes hang merchandise, hot air balloons hang gifts, and hang from the pearl/feather display. These techniques are exquisitely designed to showcase expensive gems with wintry cheer.

"Festive season" de Bijenkorf | Pictures: thebwd.com

9. A high-tech visual merchandising and marketing

The windows are fitted with interactive elements that enable visitors to engage with the displays and play games, take a Selfie, and interact with the characters. They favor a more invasive approach. Holographic projectors, lasers, interesting display props that can sense and interact with customers'move, and even add QR codes to shop windows to enable customers to buy products directly. Stores that sell electronics should be more likely to adopt this approach.

"Butterflies in-flight" Selfridges and Dover Street Market | Pictures: Google picture

Our windows don't have to be as good as the best ones in London and New York. Everyone has their own Christmas, and we have the ability to make our own. All you have to do is come up with an idea for a Christmas window display that's going to be eye-catching and capture the unique nature of your business.


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