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A good helper for gift display—–Custom acrylic display box

No one likes to dive into a shop where the commodities have been ravaged and the goods are in a mess. As a customer, we all like a spacious, clean and brightly retail environment. Only in a good shopping environment can we have a pleasant shopping. In this case, the customized acrylic box for the commodities would become a good help for the display of the goods.

Commodity Protective Case

Protecting commodities is probably one of the biggest uses of acrylic display boxes. Imagine that commodities are protected in transparent acrylic boxes, and people can only see them but not touch them with their hands. Ignorant children do not break commodities or leave dirty fingerprints on them. If the commodities are expensive, they need to be protected in the box. In the daily furnishings, dust is inevitable, if wipe the commodities over and over again every day may also damage the surface of the commodities, when using acrylic boxes, we only need to wipe the acrylic boxes.

In addition, in the wet season, the acrylic box can isolate the moisture in the air, so as not to cause the goods to be too wet and moldy.

Beautiful and eye-catching

The smooth and transparent texture of acrylic material looks clear and elegant. Put the goods behind the acrylic box more delicate, more eye-catching. When a product is well protected and untouchable, it creates a sense of awe, subconsciously raising the price of the product, “this is the expensive one,” In addition to making display boxes out of transparent colorless acrylic. You can also use another acrylic with the perfect color to achieve a sense of artistic effect, color is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the art world.

Easy to process and assemble

Custom size

Lightweight, strong, reasonable price, easy to manufacture makes acrylic become an excellent material for making product display stand. According to the size of your product or display needs, we can make acrylic boxes of different sizes to meet your exact needs. Custom printing In addition, we also can use digital UV engraving, laser engraving, and screen printing to put display brand, and product information in the display box, custom personalized acrylic box. In the base material collocation is various, the wood metal plastic, the different material base texture will cause the commodity to present the different temperament, the exquisite gift commodity generally uses the wooden base, presents the fine quality connotation precipitation. Some fine props can also be added to the base to support items such as jewelry rings.

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