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Acrylic countertop boosts cosmetics sales

The cosmetics industry has always been at the top of the fashion trend. In order to increase sales, in the highly competitive cosmetics market, various brands have racked their brains to compete for the market. To find famous stars and models to advertise as a spokesperson; To advertise on Times Square's digital screens and billboards. These are the common methods of increasing exposure, but now I want to discuss a more realistic approach.

Cosmetic countertops have been popular for a long time, and almost every makeup brand is using. The main material used in the countertop is acrylic, which can be used to place a single product or several products in the same series. There is also a cosmetic countertop in our sample room that has faded outdated images.

The countertop is small and exquisite, placed on the checkout counter or on the table. The level is almost the same as the height of the line of sight. It is suitable for cosmetics display.

1. Improve texture

Poster printing alone is no longer attractive to consumers, and we need to add more refined details to stand out from the crowd.

• Using reflected light

When The aircraft searches for people on the ground in the air, people on the ground can use the materials that reflect light to call the air, people on the plane can immediately find the person in need of rescue. The mirror can reflect light and quickly catch people's attention. The background of the reflected countertop can be dazzling if it can use reflected light (not just mirror).

• Add levels

Adding levels keeps the display away from monotony. For skin care products such as eye cream, you can add a base for the product to highlight it; use a three-dimensional letter (mark) to paste on the background or use different textures are a good way to add layering.

• Add decoration

When products such as perfumes are newly introduced, they are often displayed separately. Add decorative trinkets on the countertop, sequins flash fan band, exaggerated can add some metal appearance balls, every Christmas theme can also add some snowflakes and gift boxes to create the atmosphere.

2. Improve texture

Color matching is important. If the brand has its own theme color, first recommend using its own theme color, matching the color of the store's decor. Tiffany is a typical example.

Choosing the color should be cautious, and the multi-color combination of high brightness color will look cheesy. You can choose the complementary colors of low-lightness or a few similar colors together.

Gradient color is also a good choice, and the gradient between the two complementary colors will present a sense of modern technology.

The combination of the metallic color and the black color is superior, and many luxury brands like to use such a countertop.

3. Join lights

Here are two forms of lighting. One is to add LED strips into the countertop. The LED light the countertop's posters, or create an atmosphere on the base of the product. It also uses in the logos: the light material logo becomes the luminous word.

The other is the light hits straight on the product, mainly highlight the product. Cosmetic products do not often use the countertop with their own spotlights installed, because cosmetics often need to be touched, unlike jewelry or cigarettes, which can be placed in safe places or sealed cabinets for reference only. Lights from the ceiling are often used in cosmetics stores.

4. Add interaction

Interaction in the retail display has become a trend, (click to the 2019 POP display trend). Add a trial of cosmetics on the countertop, with a smart mirror to identify the face, so that consumers really participate in the shopping process.

There is now a virtual try-on that has become increasingly popular. It uses a camera to record the consumer, identifying the consumer’s facial features on the image to show that the consumer has used a certain cosmetic effect.

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