An emergency project, an opportunity for great growth.

Summary: Customized tables, wardrobes, shelves, and decorations needed in a children's clothing flagship store are produced in a month.

Sector:Apparel retail industry

When this project was received, time was running out. There were many products in this project, including window displays, wardrobes, metal shelves, large chandeliers, small metal shelves, and some metal decorative pieces.

At the beginning of the project, we had no detailed drawings and no construction drawings that could be directly used in production. We provided drawings, produced products, monitored product quality in limit time and completed the entire project.

The whole display systems are composed of tube-shaped structures in 304 stainless, solid wood panels with led strip and white marble. They demand strict about the color and the surface gloss.

We have assessed the need of the customer to give the right visibility. Completed the challenge of completing numerous customized products in a very short period of time.


Research and communication

Confirmation of structural drawings

Custom production

Quality inspection



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