E-liquid acrylic display retail solution

The E-cigarette has been a trend among young people for a few years now. The variety of E-liquid is starting to become vast, and small bottles of E-liquid in different prices, flavors and colors are in desperate need of a retail display solution.

Why choose an acrylic display for E-liquid?

1. Affordable and adequate materials.

2. The acrylic is beautiful and highly translucent so that the customer still can find the vape juice even if the vape juice is in the sealed acrylic box. At the same time, the high translucency of acrylic shows off the beauty of the product packaging.

3. Flexibility and fast in the manufacture of acrylic displays, allowing a display to be quickly customized to the size of the vape juice box.

4. Sturdy acrylic panels, the E-liquid acrylic display can hold numerous glass bottles of vape juice at once.

5. Acrylic is an eco-friendly material and the display can be recycled after vape juice sold out.

How to make an acrylic E-liquid display?

1. Communicate in detail with the customer in advance

Pre-communication is important, we need to know what the client's requirements are in order to carry out a detailed design. The E-liquid packaging is all 28mm*28mm*70mm, with a total of 12 types of E-liquids, and the customer requested easy access to it. We have designed a drawer-type six-layer acrylic display stand.

The display has a glossy black 5mm thick acrylic shell with built-in bar grooves for dragging acrylic shelves, the shelves are transparent 3mm acrylic, each shelf can hold 10*10 boxes of E-liquid, the number of both types of E-liquids is placed in half.


The client received the proposal we gave him and was very pleased with the simplicity of the design. He needed three of these samples, paid a deposit and we immediately jump into production.

3. Manufacturing


Acrylic is generally cut by using a laser cutting machine, but sometimes the table saw is used to cut acrylic panels that do not require high precision or are too thick. When laser cutting the acrylic panels, the cut surface is prone to unevenness, a strong sense of concavity, white cutting edges, honeycomb plate reflection caused by the melting edge, and other problems.

The acrylic panels for our products are of normal thickness and can be cut directly with the laser cutting machine. Turning the laser cutting machine to high power and low speed for cutting acrylic panels reduces most acrylic cutting section’s problems.

2) Polishing

After the acrylic cutting, the edges are generally not smooth enough and the next step is polishing. Acrylic is generally polished using diamond polishing machines, grinding wheel polishing, and flame polishing.

Not too demanding acrylic products can choose flame polishing, high-quality requirements can choose cloth wheel polishing & polishing paste, its polishing works very well, that can meet the requirements of more than 90% of high-quality acrylic production. Diamond polishing is available for those who need high efficiency, and this method of polishing also produces a good brightness that satisfying most customers. However, if the material is cut out in too small pieces or with curved surfaces, it cannot be polished with a diamond polishing machine. For some corners, subtle areas, with the above methods cannot polish, available acrylic special liquid polishing.

All the materials used to make this E-liquid acrylic holder are regular straight edges, which we polish with a diamond polishing machine, and then it is ready to be glued.

3) Bonding

The quality of the bonding can reflect the quality of acrylic products, the bonding agent and bonding skills play a decisive role in the bonding. Our syringe contains a special adhesive for acrylic, which dissolves the acrylic and releases the curing agent for bonding between acrylics.

Points to note when bonding acrylic:

• Clean the acrylic before bonding to avoid grease, dust, and air pockets leaving air bubbles in the bonding surface.

• The right amount of adhesive should be used, too little will bring in air bubbles, too much will overflow and melt the surface of the acrylic(self-adhesive can be used to protect the surface that does not need to be bonded).

• Do not blow directly on the bonding surface before the adhesive is fully cured, and do not be exposed to long periods of sunlight. Avoid whitening or yellowing of the acrylic display.

4) Flame polishing

After mechanical processing of the acrylic sheet, the cutting surface tends to become matte, or it is still not smooth enough as transparent as the acrylic surface after diamond polishing. We use a high-temperature flame to polish the edges of the acrylic products. Flame polishing is suitable for polishing the edges of finished acrylic products, but it should be noted that if the acrylic sheet is seamlessly hot pressed or cleaned with alcohol, it will crack with flame polishing. It is also important not to concentrate too much on one part of the polishing, as this can lead to local overheating and processing dents.

Polishing can only remove minor imperfections in acrylic and improve the surface finish and reduce haze, it cannot change the dimensional accuracy of the product.

A flame is used to polish the cross-section of this vape juice display to increase the transparency of the cross-section and to round off the corners for an enhanced experience.

4. Inspection

E-liquid acrylic displays are inspected in three main areas: quality, appearance, and packaging.

1) Quality

• The structure is reasonable, the finished product is constructed strictly according to the drawings, no errors in assembly, and the dimensions fit perfectly.

• Strongly bonded and able to support forces heavier than the product.

2) Appearance

• Correct color and the logo is in the right position with the correct size.

• Smooth cross-section without burrs, no bubbles, and no whitening on the bonding section.

3) Packaging

• Mark on the box is correct.

• Sufficient cushioning material and solid packaging tested by drop test.

5. Logistics

Our price is FOB and the customer uses his own logistics agent. The prototype phase is currently complete and the subsequent production process for the large stock of E-liquid displays is almost identical to the above.

This article is illustrated with actual examples. The overall process is for reference only and different products will be manufactured accordingly in actual production. In addition, we offer other images of acrylic displays for e-cigarettes that are available.

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to provide you with retail solutions.

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