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Integrated store display manufacturing

Bleu comme gris is a France luxury clothing brand for children, and its overall store display project was a huge challenge for us. We needed to stand by many different materials and different processes of the luxury retail store fixtures for a limited amount of time.

When we received the inquiry, the client had already explained to us that the project was urgent and other suppliers had rejected the project because of the limited time. We had done a metal clothes display stand within this project earlier and knew exactly what they were looking for. Even though we realized that the project would be very difficult, we were determined to go for it.

After drawing dozens of products that were completed in a short time, we had meetings with the client in Paris to confirmed the drawings, there were also negotiations on the re-fine structure of some products. The customized retail solutions were for a new store, so the number of each product was not much, only some small parts and small shelves where more than one. The number of large-display products, such as the cabinet, display shelve, light rack, the table was only one.

Products need materials such as stainless steel, solid wood, MDF and so on. At that time in the client confirmed the drawings, we immediately arranged to different factories at the same time to start production. And during the production process, our colleagues have been to the factory many times to inspect the quality.

Key Points of project production

The size of the wooden board should be exactly the same as the stainless steel inner frame, otherwise, the board would not fit into the stainless steel frame. The color of the board should be exactly the same as the color board sent by the client, which is the same theme blue of this brand store.

The stainless section supervises the grinding of the burrs on the weld, the size and position of the screw holes on the pipe, and the final mirror electroplate. Overall, the stainless section was more challenging to produce than the wood section.

Lighting is an important design in the visual merchandising in-store display, and the lighting for this project was all white warm, with lots of LED strips and spotlights. The client wanted the wire to be completely invisible, so we designed the cable into the stainless steel tube while drawing. When installing the cables late in retail store fixtures, we purchased several transformers and tested which ones provided just the right amount of light and kept the spotlights from heating up.

As for the parts, if we ship the whole retail store fixture after it installed, the volume of the product is too large, resulting in excessive transportation costs. After consulted with the client, we have taken the uninstalled transportation to save the transportation cost, which means we need the customer to install the whole retail store fixtures locally. As far as the choice of screws is concerned, we try to minimize the type of screws available and attach the corresponding screwdriver. Finally, a clear and concise installation manual is attached.


As the retail store fixtures were different in every size, and most of the retail store fixtures were heavy, in the packaging time we chose the honeycomb cardboard box. In order to determine the size of the cartons, we have carried out a simulation design in advance to predict the size and position of the parts after they were wrapped with the foamed film. The final size of each carton was not the same. We also used the 3D model of the retail store fixtures in the drawings for the design of the shipping mark, to show the customer which box each product was packed in, and the corresponding box attached to the product installation instructions.

Throughout the visual merchandising in-store display project, the product category is numerous, the size also varies, in the production process must carefully check all the figures. From the number of retail store fixtures to the size of the screw hole we need to go through careful inspection, the final product delivered to customers is satisfactory.

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