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Custom Holiday Event or Retail Window Display Big Size Perfume Bottle Fake Dummy

It is an enlarged bottle prop for window display. We researched the manufacturing process of different materials such as glass, silicone, acrylic, and combined the characteristics of the project itself to determine the best solution.

The bottle of Chanel perfume must be completely transparent, and the craftsman needs excellent bonding technology to make the glue marks on the edges invisible

  • An enlarged dummy of the perfume bottle LANCOME

  • 3d Model and  render

  • CNC / laser cut the high clear acrylic material

  • High gloss polishing before the color dyeing

  • Black metal Chanel LOGO sticker

  • Distribution to the stores global with safety packing

​Visual Display Props Out Of Different Material

The huge size of the fake prop dummy is often used for visual display marketing.  It would be the eye-catch point of sale in-store. Large detailed models are ideal for window displays, exhibition stands, counter display,s and retail environments.

The visual display prop can be made out of the material acrylic, resin, metal sheet, PVC foam polystyrene, and paper.

What kind of decor props is suitable for your display event.


Polystyrene is a flexible material for manufacturing large models, suitable for photographic shoots and advertising. A 3d model will make your window display or exhibition stand unique compared to your competitors. We can help you design a bespoke model for your specific needs. If you have a project in mind please send your requirements through our inquiry link below.

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From commercial to residential display, we have 10+ years of providing holiday decoration supplies, accessories & original display props.

Metal display props.


The metal display products are mainly made of a 1.2 mm thick high-quality thin-walled carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy. Due to the strong toughness and ductility of the metal, the production can be processed into a variety of curved and beautiful curved shapes according to the designer's artistic ingenuity and full delivery imagination. With solid wood, stone, glass, etc., it shows a pleasing scene in various poses​.

Props out of the plastic sheet by vacuum hot forming.


The main advantages of vacuum forming props are saving materials and auxiliary materials, lightweight and convenient transportation. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and green production of masks; it can produce any special-shaped products with easy operation; the appearance and color of the produced products can be changed at will, and there are many styles. Suitable for mechanization, saving manpower, and improving efficiency​.

Resin silicone molding to make the big size window decoration.


Customized resin crafts not only have a good appearance but also can make the craft effect more perfect. No matter what kind of scene or environment, it can be used, and it is not easy to be affected by the environment. Disturbed by the climate, it will not corrode or deform due to exposure and freezing and has very good stability. This is also the biggest advantage of resin display crafts customization.

MDF wood is used for the props by the CNC machining


MDF material is stable for fabrication, easy to use CNC, saw and polishing tools to process various shapes, Its structure is safe and easy to install. Many visual marketing designers like to use MDF, especially for the permanent display props. The MDF can achieve a variety of spraying surface effects, matte and high gloss. Then using of a lighting system will make you surprising window display effects.

Polystyrene is the best material for the provisional retail props


Polystyrene Displays can be very compelling. It could be cut to any shape as your design. Such as letters, special characters, logos, signatures, pictograms, symbols, decorations, ornaments, other sculptures from polystyrene.
It is the cheapest way to make the provisional display. For shop displays, exhibitions, promotions, and celebrations. they are typically first carved out by tools, painted, coated with glitter, or surface mounted other lightweight sheets such as acrylic and KT board applied to the surface to make it stand out.

3D printing is the fastest way of manufacturing


3D printing technology is increasingly being used for marketing, it could quickly create and produce display props and various product models that match the display theme environment.
Using large-scale and laser 3D printers, you can produce super-large objects for retail, stage, display, event, and architectural design. Objects can be made of any size, shape, color, or even transparent materials, without being restricted by traditional methods. 
3D printing offers the opportunity to create eye-catching and eye-catching.


10+ years of


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